Thanks for getting those samples back to us, we were thoroughly impressed and would like to place an order.


NW Confections

Thanks for the samples, you did an incredible job!

Everyone is impressed. :)

Cocao Treats

Blue Stripe Cafe

Today I recieved the burger. It looks absolutely stunning!

I've already made a screen test and it looks even more realistic on camera! You and your team really made a great job, thank you so much!

And the shipment around the globe worked perfect.


If I ever need fake food for a short film again, I'll definitely reach out to you.

Double Cheeseburger

Short Film

"I want to order a fake egg salad sandwich. I'm sure it will be as good as previous ones!"


Lazy LLama

"The desserts look great, thank you!"

Japanese Desserts

JM Designs

"The other dry meat and fish are so real looking we had people worried that someone might eat it!"

Fake Tribe food


"The push-pops are a hit! They look so good that we’ve decided to put them in all our stores."

Vegan Push Pops

Eat By Chloe

"Received the molded hotdogs today. They look terrific! The paint job realism was especially good. I will let you know when they appear on TV and maybe we can figure out how to capture the segment for you. "

Slot Dog

High-Que LLC

"We received the rush order cookies today, they look great! The color is exactly what we wanted, and the indentations are nice and pronounced. We’re very happy with the product!"

Cookie Puzzles

Just for Laughs

"Those look great! Someone on our team thought that was real!"

Fake Sirlion Steak

Pre Brands

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